Chicago, Sábado, 25 de Mayo de 2019

Commissioner Edwin Reyes Congratulates

    Chicago, IL-Today, Cook County Commissioner Edwin Reyes congratulated Board President Toni Preckwinkle for once again generating a budget that continues to keep the County on the road to good financial health.  This new budget proposed by the County Board President does not include any new taxes or fees’ while still tackling a $152 million deficit. 

          The bulk of the funding to offset the deficit will come from Cook County Health and Hospital initiatives.  The rest of the gap will be covered by reducing benefits for Part Time County employees.  
       “When President Preckwinkle took office the County had serious financial problems, now the President has turned that around.” said Commissioner Reyes  
        In 2011 the deficit was $487 million, in 2012 it was $315.2 million and in 2013 it was $267.5 million.  This year’s budget is the latest sign the financial health of the County continues to improve due to the structural changes made under President Preckwinkle. There is still much work to do to keep the county moving forward; however, with the commitment of the President and the support of the Board of Commissioners the Counties financial recovery seems to be well on its way.