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Cloralex®, Ensueño®, Pinalen®, Pinol® and CCCF join force to help children with cancer in the campaign "Clean to Cure™"

Chicago, Illinois - One in 330 children in the United States will be diagnosed with cancer before the age of 19. Each year, cancer kills more children than AIDS, asthma, diabetes and congenital anomalies combined. Sadly, every year more than *12,600 children receive the news that they have cancer.
Although being diagnosed with cancer is always a frightening thing, it is even more frightening for children who are forced to fight for their life at a very early age. When families receive this diagnosis they feel as if their world is collapsing and thousands of questions arise, many with very few or no answers.
These children and their families need to know they are not alone. Thanks to foundations like Curing Children's Cancer Fund (CCCF) and to brands like Cloralex®, Ensueño®, Pinalen® and Pinol® who created the campaign "Clean to Cure™”, thousands of dollars will be raised and donated to support some of the country’s leading pediatric cancer researchers.
Below are a number of factors that these families have to face that can help us understand the urge of working together to quickly help find a cure for this disease.
How to talk to the child
Children notice the changes, so they need to be made aware about what is happening with their bodies. With love, explain that they will be subjected to certain medical tests, some will be painful, and there will be physical changes to their bodies. Though children may not fully understand it, they are more comfortable when information is communicated clearly and directly. It is beneficial if the children have a chance to playfully interact with the devices that will be performing their tests and develop relationship with other children with cancer in order to lose their fear and get used to their new environment.
Taking care of children’s health and physical well-being
Children need to follow a nutritious and balanced diet, as well as get plenty of rest to stay as healthy as possible during treatment. Kids undergoing chemotherapy or radiation may suffer loss of appetite, hair, or nausea. Regular exercise, even gentle walking can be beneficial.
Considering their emotions
Children may be confused by having to spend so much time in the hospital. They need to be told that this is not a punishment for doing something wrong and that their family will never stop loving them. Bringing their toys to the hospital may help them feel like they are at home. Remember they are still children who like to play.
Moments of weakness
If parents or guardians have a moment of weakness they should not show their emotions in front of the child. They should express their feelings and concerns to people such as psychologists, social workers, priests, family, good friends or members of a local support group for families also affected by cancer.
How can others help a child with cancer?
If you want to help Curing Children’s Cancer Fund you can educate others about childhood cancers, share your story or that of someone you know, volunteer at an event, or with financial support please visit You can also participate in the "Clean to Cure™" campaign taking place between now and September 15, 2013 and become a hero for kids with cancer. In this campaign AlEn USA will donate part of their profits to CCCF (up to a maximum of $ 25,000) when you buy  Cloralex®, Ensueño®, Pinalen® and Pinol® cleaners and laundry brands. Therefore, by cleaning your home you will be helping to find a cure for childhood cancer.
"Our commitment goes beyond developing the most innovative and efficient household cleaners for consumers, we are also committed to the community and to help find a cure for childhood cancer through our support of CCCF" said Alfonso M. García Muñoz, CEO of AlEn USA.
Curing Children's Cancer Fund
The mission of the Curing Children’s Cancer Fund is to find a cure for childhood cancer by providing financial support for some of the country’s leading pediatric cancer researchers. For more information please visit
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