Chicago, Sábado, 25 de Mayo de 2019

Statement from Jesús “Chuy” García on the arrest

      Chicago, IL – Several months ago a few constituents came to my office to complain about an individual they claimed had defrauded them.  Over time the number of persons with similar complaints grew substantially.  My staff and I conducted an assessment of their various claims, we presented them with their options, and we helped them navigate the judicial system.       On Thursday, October 3rd, the Chicago Police Department arrested Marcela Haro (Marcela Díaz, Marcela Caro, Marcela Friederich).  And, yesterday, October 9th, twelve of the victims made a positive identification that she is in fact the person who defrauded them.  Haro will be transferred today to the Cook County Jail where she will await a hearing before a judge to determine if there exists sufficient evidence to keep her behind bars.  
        I wish to thank the victims for bringing this situation to my attention, and the police for their diligent investigation of this this case.  My staff and I will continue to work with both in any capacity necessary and we trust the justice system will bring a positive resolution.  I hope that those persons out there preying on our community get the message loud and clear that sooner rather than later they will come to justice.